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A Pest Control Technician is a professional who uses a variety of techniques to inspect, locate, assess and implement pest prevention methods for current or upcoming activity and its conducive conditions in a variety of ways.  

Pest Control Technicians: 

- Must be honest.

- Must be comfortable working alone.

- Must be detailed oriented. 

- Must possess good customer service skills.

- Must posses physical Stamina and able to withstand harsh conditions.

- Must be a problem solver.

- Must have a strong ability to keep good records.

- Must have a High School Diploma or GED.

- Must have a Valid Drivers License.

- Must be able to drive safely.

- Must strictly follow company policy and conduct.

A Pest Control Technician will typically work alone and interact directly with customers in their homes or places of business. They are supervised by a member of Management who schedules service calls and ensures they provide excellent customer service.

A Pest Control Technician is not only a vital employee in the company but vital to the families he or she service; including but not limited to the pets, homes and environment they serve. As such an important individual to our Company we hold high standards and provide the highest quality of training and education. 

Our goal is to solve pest problems for as long as we can but also maintain the activity that comes during the different times of the year.  We value our employees just as much as we value our customers! We serve our customers with Pride because our work extend life by preservation, save lives by action and places ease of mind by preparation.

We look forward to building a great team who are in it to make a difference matter!

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