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Commercial, Residential, Termites, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Mice, Rats, Bee's, wasps, exclusion, roaches, bedbugs, ants, fleas, bird proofing, minor home repairs, Eco friendly treatments and much more. Se habla espanol. 

Licensed in NY & CT: NY-16933 / CT- B-3519


Journey started in 2014.

"Where making a difference matters" 

Our team members work with our customers to reach a common goal of success over pests. We take pride in what we do and in our accomplishments. Our greatest accomplishments are making sure that you our clients are happy, safe from pests and can sleep at night with a peace of mind knowing that you have a QUALITY company with EXCELLENCE on our mind at ALL times. We come licensed, certified in various areas and services, pride ourselves on our customer reviews and most of all, love the fact that our customers can recognized that our hearts go into each and every service, no matter how many times we service your home over the years! 

Please show your appreciation for your technician by providing us with a service review. Thank you always!

Check your pesticide label

LXS Pest Control provides you with a link which allows you to look up pesticides and their labels.

LXS Pest Control provides you with copies of the labels of the pesticides used during treatment at your home or business. Click on the link below to CHECK YOUR LABEL.


Our Products and Services

Residential, Commercial, Termite

With a wide range of pest control coverage, your protection doesn't have to stop at your door. While we protect your home from destruction and offer you termite protection services, we can also protect your businesses reputation. As you allow us to provide preventative protection to your home and business, we work together with you to keep up your integrity with ours. 

Special Services

Our services don't stop with your occasional invader problems. We offer a wide range of coverage against the pests that are not covered under your annual service agreement. Our special services keep you covered no matter how small or big your pest concern may be. 

Annual Service Agreements

Our annual service agreement covers a wide range of pests year around. With a competitive quarterly cost, this is an agreement that comes with a peace of mind.

One time Service Agreement

We offer one time service agreements for those who don't feel the years of protection is a choice they wish to make. However, our one time service agreements allow you to still hold a peace of mind for 30 days or more. You choose what works best for you.


Services we offer don't stop here


From termites to WDI

Ants, Roaches, Bees/wasps

No pest too small

Free Inspections, Exclusion, Minor home repairs

We can advise you or help you

Bed bugs, Fleas, Ticks

We beat them before they bite 

Eco friendly treatments, IPM

Friendly to the environment and keeping you covered

We welcome your family to ours!

Fun for Kids!

Children are precious and so is their skin, let's provide effective treatments that will be safe for the whole family.

Seasonal pests can be a nuisance 

Request your FREE inspection today!

Don't find yourself stuck on top of your table.

Time to call us if you think you have these in your home.


Learn more with LXS Pest Control

LXS Pest Control wants to educate your entire family with our Youtube picks.

If you are interested in our Free pest inspection, please DON'T hesitate to contact us

In the mean time, enjoy educational videos provided to you by LXS Pest Control

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We're known

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Located in North Salem

Servicing  NYC, Westchester, Rockland and surrounding counties

We're licensed in NY

Residential, Commercial, Termite and Mosquitoes

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